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Snapchat’s looking to help Snapchat+ subscribers gain more visibility for their content in the app, via a new option in development called ‘Story Boost’, which would seemingly amplify their Stories to more viewers.

Snapchat Story Boost

As you can see in this example, discovered in the back-end code of the app by Alessandro Paluzzi, Story Boost would enable Snapchat+ users to ‘get more views’ on their stories, while friends wouldn’t be informed that they’ve used the option, saving the embarrassment of paying for reach.

So how would that work?

Well, presumably, it would ensure that your Story is given priority, and displayed among the first Stories for each of your contacts every day. Not sure that there’s much else that Snap could do here, as all of your connections can see your posted Stories already – though I guess if it were a public Story, Snap could also highlight it to more randoms or showcase your Story via other discovery means?

Not 100% sure, but it’s interesting to see Snap experimenting with visibility boost features, which are similar to paid ads, but for organic content.

We asked Snap about the new feature – which, again, is still in testing and may never see the light of day – and it told us that:

Our team is constantly working on new experiences for Snapchat+ subscribers. At this time we have nothing to share about this feature.”

So nothing to go on as yet, but it’ll be interesting to see if/how Snap looks to implement paid reach tools for Snapchat+ subscribers, and whether other apps also look to that as a consideration for their own subscription tools.

I mean, Elon Musk has already flagged that people paying for his upcoming $8 verification plan will get better visibility for their tweets. Maybe that could be a bigger lure to get more people paying.