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TikTok’s adding a new option that will enable users to tag TV shows and movies in their uploads, with linkage through to IMDb for more info on that content.

TikTok movie tags

As you can see in this example, soon, you’ll be able to select a movie or TV show to link to in your TikTok clips. That tag will then be displayed above the video caption, and will direct users to a dedicated page in the app which will display basic info about that content, sourced from IMDb, including release date, cast notes, etc.

Viewers will also be able to tap through to the full IMDb page if they choose, while they’ll additionally have the option to save that movie or film, essentially bookmarking it for later. And as you can see in the second screenshot above, users will also be able to find a listing of other TikTok clips that have linked to the same show/movie, in order to glean more insight via TikTok clips.

It’s a good way for TikTok to lean into the popularity of trending TV shows and films in the app, and provide more direct promotion of the source material – because often, people will post a random clip from a show, and it can be difficult to determine exactly what that snippet is from.

Indeed, TikTok says that videos using the tags #FilmTok, #MovieTok, and #TVTok have a combined 25 billion views in the app, and providing more context for such can only be beneficial, both for users and for the film production groups.

Though I’m sure many would prefer that people didn’t post clips from their content at all – but then again, if it helps promotion, and gets more people aware of their material, there’s likely significant benefit.

As such, this seems like a good, simple way to facilitate more connection between TikTok and TV/film sources.

TikTok says that the feature will initially be rolled out to users in the US and the UK, before being expanded to more regions.