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TikTok has announced a new partnership with Linktree which will provide TikTok creators with more referral link options, directly integrated into their TikTok profile, helping to drive more referral traffic from the app.

TikTok Linktree

To be clear, TikTok creators have always been able to add Linktree links into their TikTok bio, to help provide more options for profile visitors to connect. But this new integration will further enhance the experience, which will better facilitate connection between the two platforms.  

The partnership will be built into TikTok’s ‘Profile Kit’ element of the TikTok for Developers Program, which enables developers to build tools on top of TikTok’s platform to facilitate better integration and functionality.

So again, while you’ve been able to add Linktree links into your TikTok bio since forever, the newly integrated Linktree offering will provide more options, including the capacity to login to your TikTok accounts via Linktree, and display up to six videos in your Linktree display.

Creators will also be able to display their latest or most popular videos, or hand select the videos they want to display within their link-in-bio.

And according to Linktree, TikTok is already one of the most linked to platforms from its tool, with Linktree profiles driving more than five million TikTok views every day.

Given its popularity among TikTok users already, it makes sense for Linktree to try and capitalize on such, and grow its exposure and usage – though it is also interesting to note that Instagram is developing its own multiple link features for profiles, which will essentially eat into Linktree’s business.

Instagram multiple links on bio

As has been well documented, the two platforms tend to follow each others’ lead, so it’s interesting to see them both going in different directions here.

For IG, it’s still working to improve its offering for creators, and adding additional link options in profiles is another way to enhance that, providing more options for people to link out to other platforms and profiles from their IG presence.

TikTok’s partnership with Linktree will facilitate the same, but it’s also looking to add more display options within Linktree to essentially add more backlinks back to its app.

Which could be a better approach, rather than trying to negate Linktree and other linking tools? The two approaches are almost counter to each other, though it’ll be interesting to see if IG does look to follow suit in future.

You can try out the new TikTok Profile Link for Linktree here, while Linktree has also published a guide to setting up your TikTok links.