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November is Native American Heritage Month, and to mark the event, TikTok has announced a range of activations to shine a light on some of the best creators within the Native American community in the app, while it’s also providing new tools to enable users to participate in the festivities.

First off, TikTok has launched a new space in the app where it will host its event content.

As per TikTok:

Starting this week, you can visit our in-app #NativeTikTok hub to experience our Native American Heritage Month programming, set to feature videos from the diverse diaspora of our Native and Indigenous creator community. Throughout the month, we’ll spotlight inspiring creators and content that showcases Native American art, culture and tribal heritage.”

TikTok’s also announced a line-up of themed live broadcasts throughout for this month, featuring creators like @lennybeadhandzz and @lakotalighting, who will showcase Native American culture and community.

TikTok will also feature a Native American Heritage Month music playlist, showcasing an eclectic range of Native music artists, while there’ll also be new creative effects and tools to help users join in, and show support for Native American communities.

Building stronger bonds with underrepresented communities is an important element for all social platforms, which also have the capacity to highlight these community groups to millions of people through their apps.

As such, Native American Heritage Month presents a new opportunity for TikTok to both underline its support, while also maximizing awareness to many more people.

It’s also a great opportunity for users to tune in, and get a better understanding of a different culture, which can help to improve understanding and community, beyond the app itself.