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TikTok has provided an overview of its Halloween options for 2022, with a specific focus on how TikTok creators are building experiences around the event, as opposed to tools and filters created by the app itself.

Which is an interesting approach. Normally, social apps will announce a range of new, themed options for every major event, but TikTok’s taking the opportunity to highlight top creators instead, which could be a good way to help get them more exposure and reach.

First off, TikTok’s highlighted two user-made AR filters for Halloween – a new skull filter by @aramkk5 , and a ‘Zombify’ effect, created by @paigepiskin.

TikTok Halloween

As you can see, these creator-made filters fit the theme, and showcase the skills of top AR creators in the app, which is a good way for TikTok to build better links with these users, while also encouraging interaction and engagement.

TikTok’s also hosting a new, creator-led recipe series, and a costume showcase:

Over at @myhealthydish, you can catch My Nguyen’s 21 Days of Pumpkin series, where she’s testing out recipes perfect for Halloween and beyond. For treat-worthy costume inspiration, Angelica Torres @candylover89official is serving all the looks, from the always-classic Mask look to a creepy spider.”

Again, it’s a good way for TikTok to highlight some of its top creators, while also tying into the theme – which also provides more perspective on the scope of creative talent in the app.

Which, of course, brands can look to work with via TikTok’s Creator Marketplace as well.

It’s actually pretty amazing to consider the level of talent on offer, with technical skills and TikTok-specific nous. That could be a good consideration for your marketing efforts – and again, it underlines why incorporating creators into this Halloween push is a clever move, as opposed to simply pumping out official effects and stickers.

TikTok also highlights these popular hashtags for the spooky season:

  • #TikTokHalloween
  • #HalloweenLooks
  • #HalloweenDecor
  • #Halloween
  • #DiaDeLosMuertos

If you’re looking to expand your Halloween integrations over to TikTok, it could be worth including these tags, and joining in the broader discussion, which could help to bring you more exposure in the app.