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TikTok is trying out another way to maximize engagement in the app with a new TikTok Live trivia series that will give users a chance to win money in the app.

TikTok Trivia

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Retrieved from TikTok on February 17, 2023


TikTok Trivia will run for five days, beginning February 22nd, and will be presented in partnership with Lionsgate, in support of the new movie ‘John Wick Chapter 4’. 

As explained by TikTok:

“Starting today, anyone 18 years or older in the US can register for TikTok Trivia by clicking on a trivia widget on the For You feed, searching for #TikTokTrivia, or by going to the @TikTok account to participate in real-time interactive trivia. Each day will feature opportunities to win cash, and during the activation, you’ll see fun surprises and integrations from Lionsgate and John Wick Chapter 4.”

In addition to this, TikTok is also partnering with creators from diverse communities who will go live following the TikTok Trivia sessions, in order to further build on the experience.

It’s an interesting concept – it was just a few years ago when HQ Trivia become a huge hit online, quickly reaching millions of users before fading out again. TikTok Trivia looks set to follow a similar model, with a live quiz and cash prizes, while also offering another sponsored promotion option for brands.

It’s also another way for TikTok to make use of live engagement, which has been a big hit for the app in Asian markets. Ideally, TikTok would love to be building out its live shopping experiences, but western audiences, thus far, haven’t shown a lot of enthusiasm for live commerce, in any app. Given this, maybe live trivia will be another engagement opportunity, which could help TikTok boost in-app interaction, while also helping to raise more awareness of live streaming, leading into further usage of the tool.

At the least, it’ll likely be a popular option, which will provide another sponsored content opportunity for the app.

It’s a logical progression, which could lead to a new trend, and could make live-streaming a bigger consideration in the app.

TikTok’s live trivia sessions will run between February 22nd and 27th. The first three days of trivia will include two sessions per day at 5-6 pm PT/8-9 ET and 6-7 pm PT/9-10 pm ET.