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TikTok is looking to help marketers continue to track engagement data, despite the gradual shift away from cookie tracking, via a new partnership with Dentsu, which will provide alternative web tracking via Dentsu’s ‘Digital X’ process.

TikTok Dentsu

The new process will enable advertisers to track user data via the TikTok Events API, which will be integrated into X-Stack.

As per TikTok:

Dentsu Digital’s X-Stack Connect is a server-side measurement platform that helps advertisers measure online behaviors on websites using server access logs with user consent. Profiles can be built around actions like website visits, logins, and form entry information.”

Essentially, the integration will enable greater response tracking to measure the effectiveness of your TikTok campaigns, even as cookie tracking is phased out.

All social platforms are working to provide alternative tracking solutions to ensure that campaign performance measurement can continue, despite increasing restrictions on data flow. Meta, for example, says that it’s lost billions due to Apple’s iOS 14 update, and users increasingly opting out of data tracking, and with Google also looking to scale back tracking on the web, the measurement landscape is becoming increasingly restrictive.

Some are looking to increased automation to maximize ad performance, while various third-party providers, like Dentsu, are now also working to provide alternative solutions that enable integrated data tracking, in a privacy-friendly way.

Eventually, groups of these platforms will band together to provide more comprehensive databases of permissible user data, which will largely replace the current systems, and enable improved tracking. But till then, the only alternative will be to utilize various options, like this, to get a better handle on response.

You can read more about TikTok’s Dentsu X-Stack integration here.