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Gaming is a central pillar of modern web culture, which, given our increasing reliance on digital connection, is now culture more generally, and as such, it’s important to consider the role that gaming plays in modern discourse and connection, and how you can tap into that, where possible, for your own promotions.

That’s the focus of TikTok’s latest research report, created in conjunction with National Research Group (NRG), which looks at the shifting mobile gaming landscape, and how game marketers can utilize TikTok for their promotions.

And there are also some handy notes for all brands related to the same. You can download the full 22-page report here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

First off, the report looks at the modern mobile gaming landscape, and key trends in the space.

TikTok Mobile Gaming Landscape Report

The report also looks at demographic trends among gamers, which could help to inform your promotional approach.

TikTok Mobile Gaming Landscape Report

There’s also a heap of stats around how users engage with mobile games:

TikTok Mobile Gaming Landscape Report

As well as an overview of how to successfully market your game to this audience.

TikTok Mobile Gaming Landscape Report

That last overview could actually be applied in almost any vertical, with the tips here essentially highlighting an effective approach to both community building and promotion.

There are some handy notes here, and if you are in the mobile games sector, it’s definitely worth downloading the guide and getting across all the latest in-app trends and shifts.

And again, if you’re not a game marketer, there are still some valuable notes.

You can download the full “A New Era for Mobile Gaming” report here.