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Twitter has added yet another Spotlight module for Professional Profiles, with pro users now able to highlight a Twitter community on their main display in the app.

Twitter Community Spotlight

As you can see in this example, Professional accounts can now showcase their dedicated Twitter community beneath their details, and above the tweet timeline, which could help to drive more interest in more focused tweet discussion in the app.

That’s in addition to the other Professional Profile features available to those who convert their account, including improved analytics display, professional category options, additional contact details and more.

The new addition means that Professional Profiles now have five Spotlight elements to choose from to display on their Twitter home page.

Those are:

  • Location Spotlight – Showcase your business’ location, hours of operation, and additional contact methods
  • Shop Module – Highlight products, with direct purchase links in the app
  • Mobile App Spotlight – Display an app at the top of your Twitter feed
  • Link Spotlight – Add a link, with CTA, via a prominent button on your page

And now, you have Community Spotlight as well, adding to the growing range of prompts to help drive more traffic from your Twitter presence.

So, should you be looking to promote your Twitter community via your profile display?

That, of course, is entirely dependent on how you’re using Twitter Communities, and what sort of engagement you’re seeing, or want to see, in your dedicated community discussions in the app.

Overall, Communities don’t seem to have become an essential element of the Twitter experience, though Twitter itself says that Communities take-up has been good, while it has also noted that many pro users had requested the Spotlight addition.

Twitter hasn’t provided any official Communities usage insights, so we can only go on anecdotal notes. But really, all you need to know is what kind of engagement you’re seeing in your tweet communities, and whether that’s helping to shift the needle for your business.

If you’re looking to promote more enclosed, niche discussion in the app, then it could be a good option, while you could also look to spark all new conversations and interaction within a dedicated community space.

You can learn more about Twitter’s Professional Profiles here.