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Twitter short-lived ‘Co-Tweets’ experiment is no more, with the platform announcing an end to Co-Tweets effective immediately.

Collaborative tweets

Launched in live testing in July last year, Co-Tweets enabled you to collaborate on a single tweet with another user, providing new opportunities for cross-promotional partnerships.

The idea essentially stems from TikTok, where Duets have become a popular content option, which has prompted the addition of similar functionality on both Facebook and Instagram. Co-Tweets were Twitter’s version of the same – but amid the ongoing re-organization of the app, they’ll no longer be supported.

As per Twitter:

CoTweets will no longer be available to create starting Tuesday, 1/31. Already existing CoTweets will be viewable for one more month at which point they will revert to Retweets. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate the feedback we’ve been given about CoTweets and we’re still looking for ways to implement this feature moving forward. We thank you for trying CoTweets and we’ve enjoyed watching all of your creativity with this feature come to life!”

Given the limited availability of the option, in terms of both time and access, it’s not a huge blow, but it is another shift within Twitter 2.0, which is likely reflective of Twitter’s reduced staff and labor capacity.

Within this, it will need to refine its focus onto fewer projects, and several experimental features, like newsletters and podcast display in the Audio tab, have already been depreciated. Though it has also added view counts, updated Bookmarks, and a raft of new Twitter Blue badges, so maybe it’s less a question of capacity, and more of Elon’s specific focus.   

Either way, Co-Tweets are clearly not on the ‘Keep’ list, so they’re out, as of today.

Again, the impact will likely be minimal, but if you were a fan, you can expect to see your Co-Tweets revert to retweets very soon.