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After several months of testing, Twitter is now making its Tweet replies ad placement option available for all app install campaigns, on both iOS and Android.

As you can see in this example, the option places app install ads after the first reply beneath a Tweet, giving app developers a chance to reach users engaged in relevant conversation.

As noted, Twitter first began testing the option back in October, and in its initial experiments, advertisers have reported increased impressions, decreased cost per install and more attributed downloads.

Reddit launched a similar placement last September, with Conversation Placements also aimed at catching engaged Redditors in post reply threads.

There’s some logic to that, especially if you’re able to place your ads based on keyword mentions or similar, ensuring that your promotions appear in contextually relevant, and ideally, highly active discussions. Targeting is the real key, and it’ll take Twitter some time to get this element right, but there is potential there to reach the most interested users.

But another, more interesting element is this – eventually, Twitter could also look to provide tweet creators with a direct monetization avenue through this ad placement.

That was effectively confirmed by Twitter’s GM of Revenue Product Bruce Flack as part of the initial test, who said that, eventually, creators will be able to opt in to this ad placement, and get a cut of any revenue generated as a result.

That aligns with Twitter’s broader creator monetization push, providing more incentive to keep its most popular users tweeting more often, while it could be interesting, also, to enable retrospective activation of such, on a selective basis.

For example, right now, when a tweet goes viral, you’ll often see the tweet creator add in an additional reply, highlighting their SoundCloud or a charitable cause which they can then bring more attention to as a result of that tweet.

But what if you could directly monetize all of your viral tweets, and get paid for their performance?

That could also slot into Elon Musk’s monetization plans for the app. Musk has already noted that he wants to explore the monetization of embedded tweets, as part of a bigger push to get prominent users tweeting more regularly.

Enabling all creators to directly monetize their reply threads could be another element of this.

Right now, however, it’s only available for app install campaigns. Twitter says that it’ll look to expand the option to more placements in future, dependent on how this initial launch performs, while the creator monetization element isn’t in play just yet.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments.