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What if you could keep tabs on any Twitter conversation, even if it’s not your own tweet, and get notified anytime there are new replies, quote tweets, etc.?

That’s another experiment that Twitter’s currently exploring, with Twitter designer Andrea Conway sharing this mock-up of a new notification flow that would enable you to get notifications for activity on any tweet.

Twitter tweet notifications

As you can see, in this updated sequence, you would have the option to select ‘Notify me’ from the three dots menu on any tweet. You would then be able to get alerts for any new replies or quote tweets, which would enable you to stay on top of evolving discussion around specific topics and comments, and how they evolve over time.

Which could be helpful for tweets from celebrities, or comments about world events. Maybe there’s a specific niche community that you want to track – while for brands, it could be a good way to keep tabs on mentions, and see how people are responding to criticism or praise of your business.

It’s a potentially handy addition, maybe not one that most people would put in heavy use (as the notifications could get overwhelming). But for certain aspects, it could be a good way to keep tabs on relevant tweet discussions, and ensure that you’re on top of user opinions.

You may also notice the tabs in this example, with ‘Trending’ and ‘Video’ tabs at the top of the screenshots. Conway says that these are also potential feature updates, which could provide a way to stay on top of the latest trending conversations in the app, while a dedicated video tab could be Twitter’s way of aligning with the TikTok-led vertical video shift.

We don’t have any other info on this, as it’s a whole other aspect of Twitter’s testing, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this tab enable a full-screen, scrolling feed of Twitter videos, which may be another way to better align with evolving user behaviors.

Another interesting consideration, which could help Twitter maximize usage.