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Twitter has launched a new, eight-part educational series on video marketing, and how to create video promos that stand out in the Twitter feed.

Called ‘Unskippable’, the new series aims to provide a practical overview of all the key elements of thumb-stopping video clips.

As explained by Twitter:

Receiving a list of best practices is always helpful, but it can be tough to translate a list of do’s and don’ts into a high-performing video. Content can become watered down when every tip on the list is implemented in a single advertisement without proper care – losing its entertainment value and creative spark. That’s why this course was created for creatives, by creatives, and doesn’t just teach you what the best practices are, but how to use them to think about and approach your next piece of content.”

Each video in the series is around 2 minutes long, making it easily consumable, without a major time investment.

Twitter 'Unskippable'

The tips and advice in the series come via Twitter’s own creative team, which ‘helps advertisers produce thousands of top-performing ads on the platform every year’.

There are some good notes here, and if you’re looking to up your Twitter video game, it’s worth taking the time to go through each element, and glean some key tips on what’s working on Twitter right now.

The new series is part of Twitter’s ‘Flight School’ education platform, which is available for free, and provides insights into key Twitter advertising best practices.

And now may be a good time to test out Twitter ads, if you’re okay with the latest changes at the app. Around 70% of Twitter’s top advertisers have reportedly stopped or reduced their Twitter spending, as a result of Elon Musk’s changes at the app.

Maybe, that’s opened up new opportunities to get your promotions seen.

You can check out the new ‘Unskippable’ Twitter video course here.