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Super Bowl LVII is fast approaching, and Twitter has made its pitch for brands to use its ad options to reach active and engaged audiences during the game.

First off, Twitter notes that while the recent World Cup saw record levels of tweet discussion, the Super Bowl generally outperforms it, underlining the potential interest in this year’s event.

Twitter Super Bowl 2023

Indeed, Twitter also notes that the NFL has seen a surge in interest in tweets this year.

Twitter Super Bowl 2023

That points to the Super Bowl being a big focus, which could present significant opportunities for brand tie-ins and promotions aligned with the theme.

In order to hook into this, Twitter has suggested five ways that brands can get involved in the surrounding discussion:

  • Be conversational – Twitter says that brands should look to engage with fans around in-game events, in order to spark conversation and response
  • Get creative, get subversive – Tying in creative approaches to real-time events can also help to enhance engagement – like active polls around what’s happening in the game tied back to your brand message
  • Video, video, video – Video remains the top performing content type, and while not all brands can afford a TV spot during the game, you can still get into the surrounding conversation through Twitter video
  • Activate full funnel – By utilizing all of Twitter’s available promotion tools, including organic and paid approaches, you can maximize the reach and impact of your campaigns
  • Capitalize on viral game moments – Finally, many brands have seen success in years past by jumping onto key trending moments during the game. This won’t always work, but it’s another eat to better align your brand with the real-time action

Some interesting food for thought, which could be worth considering in your tweet marketing process.