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Looking for ways to optimize your tweet strategy, and get more out of your Twitter efforts.

This might help – Twitter has launched a new guide for businesses and professionals, which includes a heap of key pointers, stats and tips to help get your Twitter strategy on the right track.

The guide includes a range of notes on why brands should use Twitter, and what types of engagement the app sees.

Twitter Business Guide

There are also checklists for the key basics in setting up your Twitter presence for optimal impact.

Twitter Business Guide

Okay, it’s pretty basic, and it’s aimed at those starting out, as Twitter looks to maximize its ad spend heading into the holiday shopping period.

But there are some valuable notes and pointers here, including tips on what exactly brands should be tweeting:

Twitter Business Guide

(Worth noting that Twitter has also advised that hashtags may not be advisable if you’re trying to drive clicks on a link, as it can distract from the main focus response)

This is also kind of interesting:

Twitter Business Guide

Twitter’s also included a basic overview of how to measure tweet success, which, again, is indeed pretty basic. But it could help improve your approach. Maybe.

Twitter Business Guide

Yeah, it’s entry-level, and there’s no groundbreaking new info included here. But if you’re looking to revise your Twitter strategy, and ensure that you’re tapping into all opportunities, then it may be worth downloading the guide and taking a look at the tips.

You can download Twitter’s starter guide for businesses and professionals here.