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YouTube has added a new ‘Notify Me’ CTA button on upcoming live-stream listings, which will help creators maximize viewership of their broadcasts by keeping their fans updated on in-progress streams.

YouTube Live Notifications

As you can see in this example, with live reminders, users that have expressed an interest in your upcoming broadcast will be able to tap to get a notification when your stream begins.

That’ll make it much easier to stay on top of broadcast times, and ensure that people don’t miss out, which could get more people tuning in, more often.

YouTube says that live creators have been asking for more ways to keep their audience notified of their broadcasts, and this is a simple way to maintain awareness and engagement.

On another front, YouTube’s also updated its Studio analytics display for date ranges, with new chips making it easier to scan through your performance stats.

YouTube analytics update

It’s not a major shift, but it could make it a little easier to look through your content response data, and assess possible areas of opportunity.

Both of these updates are being rolled out from this week – more info here.