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YouTube’s announced some new updates for Shorts, which really just bring the app into parity across both Android and iOS devices.

First off, Shorts creators on iOS can now also select a specific frame to act as the thumbnail for their Shorts clip.

YouTube Shorts thumbnail selection

YouTube added this capacity for Shorts creators on Android earlier in the year, and now iOS users can also customize their Shorts thumbnail display.

Going the opposite way, YouTube will also now enable creators on Android to reply to a comment with a Short.

YouTube reply with video

That same functionality has been available for iOS users since February – so not really a major update, as such, but again, bringing the app on each platform into line.

YouTube’s also expanding its image poll character limit to 36 characters, up from 14, providing more capacity to generate engagement with visual polls, while it’s also updating its permissions in YouTube Studio, which will enable channel managers to better assign different duties.

These are relatively minor updates, but they will be relevant to some creators, in providing more capacity to manage your Shorts display and channel management elements.