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YouTube’s looking to enable all music fans to engage with the excitement of Coachella, with the platform, for the first time, hosting live-streams of all stages of the sold-out event.

The first weekend of the mega-festival, which will be held over three days next month (April 14th to 16th) will be broadcast in full to all YouTube users around the world, including performances by Gorillaz, BLACKPINK, Deadmau5 and more.

As per YouTube:

This year we will be live streaming Coachella from more stages than ever before with 6 feeds in action (double the amount from last year) across both weekends! Whether you’re watching from home, abroad, or at parties with friends, anyone can tune into Coachella’s YouTube Channel, pick a stage, and watch the performances happening live with the rest of the fans.

YouTube will also be hosting special coverage of Coachella via YouTube Shorts, while it will also be running exclusive merch drops during live-streams and events.

That could provide opportunities for brands to tie into the Coachella actions, and get their promotions in front of music fans during the event. It’ll also provide an opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and trending artists, and learn what’s resonating with Coachella attendees, via on-the-ground streams and coverage.

Or you just might want to tune in to catch some of the sets – and with over 160 artists taking part, there’s a heap on offer.

It could also help to make YouTube a more essential destination for entertainment. Like, it is already, but with TikTok’s continued rise, YouTube can use event coverage like this to solidify its position, in some respects.

You can check out the Coachella channel on YouTube here.