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YouTube has announced three new ad options as part of its Advertising Week New York showcase, including ‘Moment Blast’, which enables advertisers to better highlight their offers to Connected TV viewers, and new audio ad options to connect with viewers listening to YouTube content.

First off, on Moment Blast – which sounds more devastating than it is.

As explained by YouTube:

“Moment Blast is designed for brands looking to raise awareness during key moments – like major sporting events, movie releases or product launches. Moment Blast gives advertisers prime positioning on YouTube Select content on connected TVs (CTV) and other devices, plus a Branded Title Card and optional Masthead placement.

YouTube Select is a curated showcase of video content from across YouTube that enables advertisers to reach specific audiences, based on various niches and categories.

And now, with Moment Blast, brands will also be able to better amplify their messaging through these channels – which could be a good consideration for those looking to maximize their reach.

YouTube’s also expanding its audio ads globally, including podcast targeting, providing more ways for advertisers to reach engaged audiences in the app.

YouTube first launched its audio-only ads back in 2020, as part of its broader push to maximize YouTube Music, and it’s been gradually expanding its audio offerings ever since, with podcasts now also being steadily integrated into the platform.

YouTube podcasts

And while video is the platform’s bread and butter, there’s clearly also demand for audio options, with YouTube Music now serving more than 77 million paying subscribers.

That could be another consideration for your campaigns.

Finally, YouTube’s also expanding its product feed options to Discovery ads, providing another way to promote products direct in the app.

YouTube Product Feed

Product feeds, as per the above example screens, add a listing of products to your ads, which enables viewers to easily tap through to make a purchase.

Soon, product feeds will also include local offers, allowing brands to show real-time availability for products in their Google Merchant Center so people can find the most convenient place to buy.”

That could help drive more direct response from your YT promotions, through targeted product placement.

YouTube’s also looking to expand more product display capacity to Shorts:

“Creators will also be able to transform their content into virtual storefronts; this quarter, more creators will have the ability to tag products in their videos and Shorts.

Shorts has become a much bigger focus, amid the TikTok-led rise of short-from video, and now, YouTube is exploring more ways to better facilitate monetization opportunities for Shorts creators, while also enabling brands to tap into this rising element.

These are some interesting considerations, which could expand your thinking around YouTube targeting, and how to maximize your ad performance in the app.

And with more CTV viewers, more Shorts engagement and rising audio options, there may well be more opportunity in each moving forward as well.