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YouTube has rolled out a refresh of the YouTube Studio app on mobile, with makes it a little easier to see all the key insights and data points on the front page of the app.

YouTube Studio refresh

As you can see in this example, the updated format provides more immediate insight on channel performance, and specific notes on how your most recent videos are going in the app. Each section can also be expanded to provide more data on each element.

That could make it easier to jump on trends and opportunities, while also providing more context on where you should be focusing your development efforts.

It’s not a major change, as all of the underlying data was already available in the app. But again, it could help you tap into key viewer trends and changes, while also assisting your analytics capacity.

On another front, YouTube has also announced that Super Thanks is now available for Video on Demand uploads (VODs) in an additional 30 countries. That’ll provide another way for creators in the YPP program to generate direct revenue from their clips, with the donation option now available beyond live-streams and Shorts.

You can read more about Super Thanks availability and eligibility here.