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YouTube’s testing a new option that would enable creators to add multiple audio tracks in different languages to their videos, which could greatly expand audience potential in the app.

YouTube multi language audio

As you can see in this screenshot, posted by Business Insider, YouTube is letting some creators add multiple audio tracks to their clips, providing another way to showcase your work to different user groups.

YouTube already has auto-translated captions as a similar option on this front, but the capacity to overdub your videos, or create all new tracks for different regions, would expand upon this, and potentially add a whole new element for different audiences.

YouTube says that, on average, over two-thirds of a creator’s audience watch time will come from outside of their home region, which underlines the potential here, and the capacity to reach a broader audience in the app.

According to Business Insider, YouTube’s currently testing the new language options with a small subset of creators.

On another front, YouTube’s also expanding its test of images in Community poll posts.

We’re experimenting with functionality that allows for up to 4 images to be added to poll posts on the Community tab. This feature is live on Android and desktop devices and we’ve heard great feedback about it, so we’re excited to test it on iOS devices now too! Creators in the experiment who have Community tab access are able to make these image polls and viewers across all devices will be able to see and interact with them.”

Community posts are available to all channels with over 500 subscribers in the app.

And finally, YouTube’s also expanded its Creator Music options to all creators in the US.

Creator Music, which YouTube initially announced last September,  provides creators with a catalog of tracks that they can legally use in their long-form videos, with licensing on some available for a small fee.

That expands your music options, and adds another way for music and video creators to earn money in the app.

These are the latest in YouTube’s ever-evolving creator offerings, with each offering different capacity, and potential for your channel.