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YouTube’s adding another response option within live-streams, with a new test of emoji reactions during a broadcast.

As per YouTube:

We’re starting to test a new way to react to what’s happening on live streams. If you’re in this experiment, you’ll see options to react on a stream with [one of five emoji reactions]. Your reactions are anonymous and other viewers in the chat won’t be able to see who used what reactions.”

YouTube, of course, already has other ways to show your support during a live-stream including stickers and Super Chat donations.

YouTube Super Thanks

But now, like the live-streaming options in other apps, you’ll also be able to respond, in real-time, with an emoji, with the current response set including a heart, the ‘laughing till you cry’ face, the surprised reaction and more.

Which is actually very similar to the reaction set that YouTube released for itsTimed Reactions’ option earlier this year.

YouTube timed reactions

Timed Reactions enables users to add an emoji reaction to a specific frame in the video playback, which other viewers can then see. YouTube also recently added Emotes, another way to show your response in the chat stream.

Reactions in Live is yet another means to provide a simple indicator of interest, without having to leave a full comment, and it could help YouTube increase engagement and response within streams.

YouTube says that it’s testing the new Live reactions with a limited number of channels to begin.