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YouTube is taking its next steps into podcasting, with a new test of the capacity to upload and manage podcasts in the YouTube Studio app.

As per YouTube:

“To make it easier for creators to distribute their podcasts on YouTube, we’re running an experiment that allows you to create a podcast or set an existing playlist as a podcast within Studio.”

Those in the experiment will be able to upload a podcast within the ‘Create’ element of YouTube Studio. You’ll also be able to view all of your podcasts in the ‘Content’ menu under a new Podcasts tab.

In addition to this, YouTube’s also testing new podcast analytics, which will provide podcast-specific performance insights, making it easier to measure your podcast content in separation from your video uploads.

YouTube’s been gradually developing more podcast tools, as it moves to align with growing audio usage. YouTube Music now has more than 77 million paying subscribers, and while visual elements remain central to the platform’s broader offering, there’s clearly significant interest in audio-only content as well.

Last August, some users reported that they had access to a new podcast page in the app.

YouTube podcasts

With many popular YouTubers also now running their own podcasts, it makes sense for YouTube to expand its horizons in this direction, and provide a more comprehensive media offering for its creative talent – which also now includes both short and long-form video.

It’s still moving slowly on podcasts, but this new addition is another step in that expanded direction.