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Pinterest is looking to get brands to expand their thinking about Pin marketing, with a broader focus on the ever-evolving customer journey, and reaching your audience at each different stage of the process.

As per Pinterest:

People on Pinterest are constantly browsing, discovering and, yes, shopping! That ‘full-funnel’ activity allows advertisers to build a more holistic approach to their campaigns. It also reduces reliance on last-click, because brands can target customers earlier in their journey, when they’re still open to discovering new brands.”

With this in mind, Pinterest has put together a new overview of how you can use its ad options to reach users with targeted approaches at each stage of the sales funnel.

Which, according to Pinterest, leads to better results:

“When a customer sees ads on Pinterest from across the funnel – across awareness, consideration and conversion objectives – conversion rates are 3x higher.”

Reaching them with the right message, at the right time, can be significant. Check out Pinterest’s ‘full funnel’ overview below.

Pinterest full funnel marketing