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Reddit has published a new report on the opportunities it presents for gaming marketers, with significant reach to various groups of dedicated, passionate gamers who are looking for new purchase opportunities.

And now may be just the right time to reach them – as explained by Reddit:

We’re in the golden age of gaming. Advancements in virtual and augmented reality tech, faster internet, and the rise of casual and hyper-casual gamers have ushered in a new era. The next few years in particular will be exciting for gamers and brands alike. Following two years of false starts and delays, this year is stacked with more than 100 major video game releases from some of the biggest players in the space.”

Gaming is a big focus on the platform, via subreddit communities like r/gaming, which has over 36.5 million members.

Reddit Gaming

Reddit also notes that it now has over 57.5 million daily active users, an increase on the 52 million DAU it reported at the end of 2020.

The combination of these elements could present valuable promotional potential for gaming brands, while Reddit also says that it provides enhanced opportunity to reach active gamers, who are increasingly looking to buy in-game add-ons.

Redditors are 2x more likely than the general population to have purchased an add-on or DLC in the past month. And with in-game global spending projected to surpass $74.4B by 2025, this represents a huge opportunity for your brand – if you put as much attention into sustaining the long game as you do a launch.”

There’s definitely something to be said for this element, which is gradually becoming the norm, with users looking to make in-game purchases of items, character skins and level-ups.

That’s largely the basis of why Meta sees its metaverse push as the next big opportunity. As youngsters, who’ve grown up interacting in these environments, move into the next stage, this will become a more commonplace interactive practice. Which will also normalize in-game purchases – and as Reddit notes, its users are already more likely to be moving with this shift.

At each stage of the cycle, Reddit is the #1 most influential platform above Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, and Discord. Whether discussing upcoming titles, finding inspo for the next in-game purchase, or forming deep connections with like-minded players, gamers come to Reddit for it all. And brands can engage these players across a number of different touchpoints.

Reddit Gaming

There are some interesting notes here, and some valuable insights for gaming brands, which could provide some food for thought in your planning.

Maybe it’s worth digging into Reddit a bit more, or testing Reddit ads.

You can check out Reddit’s full gaming trends overview here.