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TikTok is looking to help more businesses incorporate audio into their promotions, with a new collection of free-to-use audio elements to help spice up your short clips, and align with popular trends in the app.

The new Sounds for Business offering, available in TikTok’s Commercial Music Library, will incorporate a range of audio elements, including voice-over clips, music, and more – providing new options for your creations.

As per TikTok:

“TikTok has partnered with Elias Audio Branding, a subsidiary of Universal Production Music, to launch TikTok Sounds for Business. This collection of custom sounds is designed as templates for easy content creation. With a mix of music, voice-over, and other directional sound cues, the sounds are made to help businesses of all sizes create quick, engaging, and creative content for the TikTok community.”

That will give businesses more ways to lean into key presentation styles and trends, with TikTok looking to add more audio options to help businesses stay up to date.

Audio is an important consideration on TikTok, with TikTok noting that 68% of users are more likely to remember a brand if they utilize audio elements. TikTok is also increasingly becoming a central platform for brand discovery, with 58% of users saying that they have found new brands and products on the platform.

It makes sense, then, to incorporate audio where you can. And while brands can’t just use the latest trending tracks, like regular users can, options like this provide another way to produce engaging, interesting clips, that can help to hold user attention in-stream.

As noted, the new Sounds for Business options will be available in TikTok’s Commercial Music Library, and will be available for use in organic and paid content to help highlight products and engage audiences in the app.