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Looking to level up your TikTok campaigns for the last big push of the year?

This could help – last week, TikTok unveiled its updated Marketing Partners website, which now includes a listing of 186 endorsed providers, from over 35 nations, who can provide direct assistance with all aspects of your TikTok marketing process.

TikTok Marketing Partners website

TikTok first launched its Marketing Partner site back in 2020, and has since expanded its listings with a range of creative and ad tech tools to help businesses make the most of their in-app efforts.

And now, it’s revamped the presentation of the site, making it easier to view what’s on offer, and see examples of top creative in the app.

TikTok’s Marketing Partner listing is separated into six categories, with expert assistance available in:

  • Campaign management
  • Measurement
  • Creative
  • Effects
  • Commerce
  • Sound
TikTok Marketing Partners

And as noted, there’s also a showcase element, highlighting top creative that’s stemmed from Partner assistance.

TikTok Marketing Partners

As well as a directory of all the partners available through the program:

TikTok Marketing Partners

It could be a big help in mapping out your TikTok campaigns, and getting the right assistance to put your TikTok ads on track.

And given the continued rise of TikTok, which is now the top destination for young users in particular, there will definitely be a lot of interest in TikTok campaigns in the next few weeks.

It may be worth going to the extra effort, to ensure your promotions stand out.

You can check out the updated TikTok Marketing Partner directory here.