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This could be handy – TikTok has added a new element to its Creative Center which highlights how popular specific products are in the app, based on the amount of ads posted that feature the item, along with impressions, view-through rate, comments, likes – basically every data point you could need to dig into the performance of each.

TikTok Top Products

As you can see in this example, ‘Top Products’ is a new section in the Creative Center, along with top trends, songs, best-performing ads, etc. 

You can filter the Top Products listing by region and product category, while you can also look at the last day, 7 days, or 30 days of data.

Tap on the ‘Details’ element at the far right of the listing and you’re taken to a more in-depth overview of that specific product, which includes CTR, CPA, impressions chart, and more.

TikTok Top Products

Switch over to the ‘Audience insights’ element and you can see an age bracket breakdown of who’s engaging with these ads, along with related interests, providing key data for your analysis and planning efforts.

TikTok Top Products

There’s a heap here, and if you’re looking to market your business in TikTok, it’s definitely worth digging around and seeing what you can find in your product categories. 

The example clips too are important. You might find, for example, that the videos in a certain category are just not good, which could be another factor that influences the performance stats. 

Take it all in, compare your own campaigns and planning, take inspiration from what works, and you could be on track to improve your TikTok ads approach. 

You can check out the new Top Products category in TikTok’s Creative Center.