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Could live-streaming on TikTok be of benefit for your brand?

Live-streaming is a huge part of TikTok’s Chinese version (Douyin), with billions being spent on TikTok live-stream commerce every year in the region.

But thus far, western audiences haven’t been as receptive. Yet.

TikTok is still working through its live-stream commerce integration, and it remains confident that it will catch on with western viewers, as it has in China. And if it does, that could open up a range of new opportunities, for many brands, and could fast become a key consideration for your strategy.

For reference, Douyin alone generated $119 billion worth of product sales via live broadcasts in 2021, a 7x increase year-over-year. That’s a huge market opportunity, if TikTok can get it right. 

To provide more context, TikTok has published a new overview of the brand opportunities of TikTok Live. 

TikTok live-streaming infographic