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TikTok has outlined some tips for brands looking to tap into the Super Bowl hype within the app, including notes on how to make best use of the app’s various trends and features, in effective and engaging ways.

And while TikTok may not be the first platform that springs to mind when you consider sports engagement, there is, in fact, a high level of interest among its audience.

As per TikTok:

57% of TikTok users watch sports content on TikTok every week, and TikTok is 1.2x more likely to be the sole focus while using, vs. video streaming platforms, meaning that your brand’s sports video is likely to get a user’s undivided, enthusiastic attention.”

TikTok also notes that many athletes share behind-the-scenes footage in the app, and there are various trends for users to tap into around all major events including sports.

As such, it’s worth considering your options to link into that discussion, and TikTok suggests two options for doing so.

First, TikTok says that brands that already have a TV spot or related initiative should consider also posting it to TikTok to maximize reach and resonance.

“Even with different creatives, a brand being both on TV and TikTok drives a lift in brand perceptions.”

TikTok says that when a brand is on both TV and TikTok, users report higher favorability and relatability as a result.

TikTok Super Bowl 2023

But TikTok also notes that brands should update their creative to be more in-line with TikTok specifically:

“Even simple changes can make it more native. Quick adaptations include:

  • Transitions – Simple transitions can include a fade, whip, spin, or slide into the next section of your video
  • Effects – Consider the use of overlays like glitches, color filters, or dividers that separate video into sections
  • Captions – They’re popular in user-generated content, so they give content a native feel. Use them to detail your objective or highlight key points
  • Design tip – Keep your caption (and other visual elements) in the middle-top area to avoid in-app elements at the bottom.”

TikTok’s second recommendation is that brands look to create TikTok-native content tied into the game.

“Telling an original, compelling story on TikTok is often the most effective way to connect with our viewers and drive impact. That means leaning on three of its core elements: CommunityTokscreators and trends.”

TikTok says that brands can enhance their perception in the app by joining relevant TikTok communities – like #SportsTikTok. You can research relevant hashtags in the app, and align your content around its key themes and usages.

TikTok Super Bowl 2023

Partnering with creators can also help to enhance your messaging, in a more TikTok-specific way, while taking note of rising trends, via TikTok’s  Creative Center could be another way to connect into key discussions and moments.

And given TikTok’s popularity at present, that could be a valuable consideration. While Twitter remains the leader in real-time discussion, major trends also flow across to every social app, and that offers all new opportunity to link in, and potentially generate more exposure for your business.

The Super Bowl has proven to be a valuable avenue for such for many brands in the past, and with the right approach, maybe TikTok is your pathway to achieving viral success this year.

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