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The 2022 World Cup begins next month, which will spark a flood of soccer-related chatter, with social platforms, in particular, likely to be awash with highlights and trends stemming from World Cup play.

Which could provide new opportunities for your marketing – and if you are looking to tap into the related discussion, Twitter has shared some new tips on how brands have seen success via sports event-related promotions in the past, which could assist in your planning.

You can read Twitter’s full tips overview here, but in this post, we’ll go over the key notes.

First off, Twitter points out that soccer discussion in the app is clearly on the rise, which could present major opportunities for timely tie-ins and promotions.

As per Twitter:

After the success of the last Women’s World Cup, we’re seeing a whole new cohort of fans jump on board. We’re seeing soccer gain traction in places like the US, where other sports have traditionally held court. And we’re seeing more Tweets, more conversation, more everything – because soccer lives on Twitter.

Twitter World Cup tips

Indeed, the women’s Euro Cup, held earlier this year, saw a 2x increase in tweet discussion, which also aligns with the broader trends around soccer engagement.  

Given this, it seems safe to assume that the World Cup is going to be a major moment for the app, and a major focus for millions of users for the duration.

So how can brands tap into the discussion in an authentic, and effective way?

Twitter says that participation, through cultural awareness and timeliness, is key.

“Brands that break through will be the ones who don’t just speak at fans, but who get them and invite them to participate in the conversation and reward their fandom.

And Twitter users are open to brands joining in the discussion:

Twitter World Cup tips

Understanding the surrounding context, interacting with key trends, in real-time, and providing unique access and experiences, where possible, are the keys to driving engagement.

Twitter has also highlighted opportunities in newer promotional formats in the app, including Spaces, shopping integrations and Branded Likes, which could help brands add a more thematic flavor to their content. These are more high-end ad options, but they could also be a consideration for your World Cup tie-in efforts.

Given the rising engagement levels around soccer, it is worth considering in your process, and it could be a great opportunity to expand your reach and resonance via tweet in the app.

Tapping into the right trend can have a big impact on awareness and community. You won’t always get it right, but if you can, the benefits can be significant.

You can read Twitter’s full World Cup overview for marketers here.